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Poster: He Live's Date: Jan 24, 2009 11:19pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: OH SURE -- I'LL STICK UP FOR BOBBY -- i don't mind....

too much MIDI. too much bad keyboards. too little listening and interacting among the band members. some things they did better than ever. they could play some isolated songs better than ever.... but in general, jerry's voice was shot.

the grateful dead REPORTED FOR DUTY from 91 on. went to work if you will. sure, they were going to work in 68, 72 and 77 too -- but there were many, many honest moments of groundbreaking discovery and moments of "mass transcendence" in the first 10 years that grew progressively more rare in the last 15.

i really liked bobby's version of MASTERPIECE, hell, i'll even say that TOUCH OF GREY had its moments -- there were many uplifting versions in the mid - late 80s..... and HELL IN A BUCKET and WEST LA -- they were good songs.

but next to one of the many far reaching DARK STAR>ST STEPHEN>ELEVENs that are out there, or one of the best EYES OF THE WORLD>CHINA DOLLs.... sorry man -- somewhere along the long strange trip the magic became very elusive, hard to find. it is ridiculous to think that they could sustain what they did from 67-77 -- it was the most amazing, meteoric rise to artistry that any sort of "BAND" had ever pulled off -- and all under absolutely insane, rigorous conditions.

i mean, they were like Picasso or something, but better -- doing it as a group of 6 or 7, and by extension 50 or 60, (all told, the minimum number of people it might take to pull off a concert on any given night....) not just ONE SINGULAR INDIVIDUAL ARTIST -- but an entire operation -- a community of people that sculpted a CUTTING EDGE METAPHYSICAL/SOCIAL/COMMUNAL EXPERIENCE on a very high ARTISTIC PLANE.

they shot themselves through will, guile and skill to the upper atmosphere of all-time Human artistic endeavor. and then they somehow managed to maintain interest for an additional 32 years.... and IT persists still.

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